At brazoslink, we believe that your email is your business. We offer 128-bit SSL-encrypted connections to protect your privacy, and powerful anti-spam features to keep your inbox clean. A brazoslink basic account costs just $40 per year and includes:
  • a 100MB spam-filtered email account, accessible via any standard POP or IMAP client, or using our convenient WebMail interface
  • server-side email filtering, configurable via the WebMail interface
  • a personal website, with a personal weblog
  • WebDAV-based iCalendar publishing service
  • 5 MB of disk space
  • access to our SSL-encrypted jabber server for secure private messaging with other brazoslink users

Signing up is simple: If you can live with our terms of service, please contact us to obtain authorization, then subscribe to our service via PayPal using the link below. Once we receive your payment, your account will be activated. Other options and service enhancements are us for details and pricing.

Why should I pay $40 when I can get free email at Google-Yahoo-Hotmail-MSN-etc.?

Great question! As a matter of fact, one of the free email services might be the best fit for you. We often recommend Google's, because their email filtering is very similar to ours. Remember, though, that whoever runs your mailserver can read your mail. Compare our terms of use with any of the "free" services, and you will notice some significant differences. WIth brazoslink, you're paying for greater privacy and security, as well as more personalized service. If those things are worth forty bucks to you, then we're here for you!

brazoslink utilizes a combination of spam rejection and filtering technologies that have proven extremely effective at keeping spam out of our inboxes. Our server automatically discards known spam, and tags the headers of suspected spam for easy filtering by most modern email applications.
You can access your brazoslink disk space using Apple File Protocol (AFP), Secure File Transfer Protocol (sFTP), or File Transfer Protocol (FTP).
A weblog, or "blog" as it is often called, is basically a free-form online journal. Making entries in a blog is very easy, and can be done using a web browser or one of the many fine blog editors available on the net.